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  • Think Big letter blocks

    When asked about large format printing, most people would probably conjure up an image of plastic or vinyl letters on a large banner—the kind of amateurish looking sign you might order at an office supply or copy store.

    But the reality is large format printing is something very different. Today, some of the most impressive and impactful—not to mention the coolest—creative content and collateral material is being produced using large format printers. The result is sleek, sophisticated, polished and professional signage and materials that deliver both a visual and a visceral impact.

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  • The idea of using social media to engage with potential customers is nothing new. Yet despite the number of statistics supporting social media’s influence on business growth and brand loyalty, there’s a prevailing misconception that social media is only for B2C brands.

    The truth is, digital communications platforms can have an equally positive impact on B2B business goals. While B2B companies have been slower to grasp the power of social media in connection to their product and service offerings, 2014 was a pivotal year, as social media adoption grew within the B2B sector.

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