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  • Money Key

    Lately, this has been one of our most popular (and tricky) discussion items with new and prospective clients: How can social media be used to generate B2B sales and leads?

    I’ve heard the question dozens of times in the past 90 days alone and have experienced some very tense and tough conversations as a result. While we can track the activity of visitors, gauge how fans react to content and identify behavior trends among audiences, the path from content consumption to meeting request or purchase isn’t always clear. That is, unless the right elements are in place.

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  • Man speaking to group

    Conferences and trade shows are a great way to showcase new products and services, learn about new trends in your industry and generally network with potential clients and partners. It’s also incredibly easy to get lost in the shuffle at these events and walk away feeling like you invested heavily in exhibition and sponsorship opportunities (not to mention travel and accommodations) with little to show for it.

    So how can businesses better leverage their trade show investments for maximum impact? At Identity, we’ve helped a number of clients refine their trade show and conference strategy to make the experience more valuable and provide a better return on investment. Here are a couple tips:

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