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  • Ninety days may not seem like an ample amount of time to share career wisdom, but at a fast-paced agency like Identity, there’s quite a bit of knowledge gathered. While I’m far from the speed of fellow social media team members, I have become acclimated to our culture, clients and the agency lifestyle in general.

    Making the jump three months ago to an agency was nerve-wracking (to say the least), but I am thrilled to have survived it and, in turn, can now share advice. I don't claim to be an expert on how to handle the transition to fast-paced PR agency life, but I hope my discoveries can ease any apprehensions or give insight to curiosities you may have if you're thinking about working at an agency or have recently made the switch.

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  • You know an issue has become a nationwide phenomenon when there are articles published about how the media is handling coverage of said issue. Ebola may be one of the best examples of a prominent story spreading like wildfire via media in recent memory—and there isn't enough water in the Atlantic to squelch these flames.

    While Ebola is, without a doubt, a serious international medical concern that deserves a great deal of ink and air time, there is a delicate balance required to deliver the news accurately and sufficiently without causing a media-induced panic. Let's take a closer look.

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