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  • On Sunday, the Golden Globes officially kicked off the Hollywood awards season. As I was watching actors and actresses walk on stage to accept their awards, I couldn’t help but notice that many of the factors that go into winning a Golden Globe can also be applied to executing a successful social media strategy. It all starts with an award-worthy screenplay…

    Without a good plot, even movies with big budgets and a star-studded cast would flop. For the modern day marketer, content is the foundation for a great social media strategy. No matter what social media platforms you use, great content is the key to attracting an audience.

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  • As we embark on another new year, many companies are taking a look at their marketing collateral and considering whether it’s time for an update or upgrade. If you're in that position, let me offer this piece of creative counsel: Whenever possible, avoid the 9” x 12” pocket folder!

    For ages, 9” x 12” pocket folders have been the staple format for corporate brochures. Every major company had one—often with a large, foiled logo emblazed across the front—equipped with business card slits and stuffed with miscellaneous Xerox-ed information. The “upgrade” to this option was a printed insert—saddle-stitched (or stapled) in the center—to create more of a book feeling.

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