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  • Identity VIP Media Access

    It's no secret that the proliferation of mobile devices has impacted not only the way individuals consume their news, but also the way news is created and disseminated. The days of traditional media, where a sense of finality was achieved with sending the newspaper to print, are giving way to the ever-evolving and limitless world of digital media.

    As a result, there is mounting pressure for journalists to report on the latest trends and be the first to report a story without sacrificing quality or accuracy. To aid reporters in navigating the digital landscape, a variety of tools have come on the scene that are increasing connectivity and efficiency with which information is gathered.

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  • Bored coworkers

    A few weeks ago, I was invited to give a private presentation on social media for B2B enterprise companies to a group of executives from international corporations. This executive advisory group gathers about twice per year to discuss internal and external forces and trends that are impacting their global businesses. And for them, like many other B2B-focused industries, social media was a hot topic. Their industry focus: plastics and adhesive technology.

    Before walking through those meetings doors, I knew very little about plastics and adhesive technology. I wasn’t sure if I was walking into a half-day meeting that would feel like the equivalent of watching paint dry. But, as I sat through multiple presentations, I got to see very entertaining and informative insight into what makes these companies tick and what their clients care about when it comes to finding the appropriate solutions. Maybe it was my inner science geek coming out, but I liked what I saw. I was even entertained.

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