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  • You know an issue has become a nationwide phenomenon when there are articles published about how the media is handling coverage of said issue. Ebola may be one of the best examples of a prominent story spreading like wildfire via media in recent memory—and there isn't enough water in the Atlantic to squelch these flames.

    While Ebola is, without a doubt, a serious international medical concern that deserves a great deal of ink and air time, there is a delicate balance required to deliver the news accurately and sufficiently without causing a media-induced panic. Let's take a closer look.

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  • I recently attended the Detroit Economic Club meeting featuring John Veihmeyer, chairman and CEO of KPMG, the U.S. audit, tax and advisory services firm. He discussed the findings of the KPMG CEO survey, which asks 400 CEOs of companies of various sizes about their major focuses and concerns for the future. As I listened, I realized that a strong social media strategy and social management team will directly support three of the main areas of focus for CEOs.

    One top concern is continuing a central focus on expansion and progress – 72% of CEOs are strongly focused on driving growth in their companies. This takes different forms – it could be more brand awareness, gaining exposure to new customers or increasing efficiencies within an organization.

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