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  • There is no shortage of social media monitoring tools available, and you can easily become overwhelmed when doing research to find the best one for your business.

    Since each business' needs and goals are different, I can't give you a one-size-fits-all template for choosing the perfect social media monitoring tool. However, being that I've conducted a ton of research on various tools throughout the past four years, here are some important questions to answer before you invest in any product:

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  • Every year, the Internet becomes more and more streamlined. Never before has it been so important to maintain a fresh, up-to-date online image to ensure maximum accessibility and appeal. It’s extremely important to be sure you’re paying attention to new Web design trends and developments to determine if they’re applicable, and more importantly, beneficial to your brand.

    The past few years have been somewhat accelerated in how quickly ideas and trends on the Web are evolving. A lot of these ideas aren’t necessarily new (speaking within the past five years or so), but have been refined time and time again, changing slightly year to year to accommodate a younger, more mobile based audience.

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