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  • Group of Business People Discussing with Social Media

    How to use social media to land a job is a topic that never seems to lose interest among job seekers...especially those who are looking for a job doing social/digital work. The most natural starting point is LinkedIn because it's the dominant network that caters to professionals and job seekers. But, you're doing a disservice to yourself if you just focus on LinkedIn. Companies are everywhere online, from blogs, to Instagram to Vine.

    Since companies are using social media for business purposes, that means they're also using those channels to find and vet job candidates. If you think for one second companies aren't using social media to scope you out before an interview, you're dead wrong! The first thing I do when I'm interested in a job seeker is to research his/her digital footprint. Recruiters/HR reps from a variety of companies and industries are doing the same thing - not just those hiring for social media roles.

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  • This month, one of Identity’s largest clients made a huge leap forward in regards to their social media program. With a few keystrokes, they granted their employees access to social media at work for the first time. Now, more than 13,000 of their team members can post on Facebook, browse Pinterest and comment on LinkedIn groups right from their work computers.

    While this decision was not made on a whim (the conversations started more than three years ago), we knew opening the doors to social media required us to be prepared and ready to tackle the opportunities (and obstacles) that could arise.

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