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  • As many community managers know, you often have the same message to spread across different platforms, a skill in itself. Messages should be tailored to their respective audiences and platform constraints. This often includes transforming messages from an “unlimited” amount of space (Facebook) into a micro-message limited to 140 characters (Twitter).

    For me, I look at turning Facebook posts into tweets as a puzzle. You have to fit 200-300 character messages into 140 – or ideally 120 (to leave room for retweet messages). When you account for the 22 characters used for a link, you’re left with a mere 98 characters to fit in your message.

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  • Last month, news leaked that Patch, AOL’s hyperlocal news network, could be shutting down. While the company has since come out to deny those reports (and the websites are still up and running), the community news service has had its share of trouble, with AOL laying off roughly 40 percent of its Patch work force in August 2013.

    As the potential threat of Patch’s demise looms and the network finds itself in a state of flux, we find that several traditional notions of news and journalism still apply today despite the rise in citizen journalism.

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