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  • As the Consumer Electronics Show ended last week, a variety of blogs and mainstream sites rolled out their Best Of Show awards or made note of the items they’d make efforts to buy. Tech nerds drooled at all of the wonderful things to come. However, given this was a trade show and not a display room, the reality is that many of these devices are months, or more, away from release.

    Shows intended to highlight the best of innovation and advancements in technology face a double-edged sword when it comes to product marketing. While these businesses do rally interest in their brands and future innovations, with a wide variety of ways to succeed at this, they also face the daunting task of maintaining this enthusiasm within their newfound base for the months before launch. Without a proper campaign beginning shortly before, during or immediately after a major unveiling, these technology gadgets face being swept into irrelevance when potential buyers lose interest and buy a similar, albeit less advanced, version from a local store available now.

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  • The number of high-profile company crises hitting headlines lately is a good reminder of how crucial it is to be prepared. While it’s understood that leaders and companies can and will make mistakes, it’s how they respond to those mistakes that demonstrates how much they truly care about the messages they are sending to their employees, shareholders and other key audiences.

    Here are a few simple tips for getting your crisis communications in order:

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