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  • A lot of people ask me for website design advice, such as how important good SEO is for websites and how to make it part of building a new website. Let me tell you, SEO is very important. Without search engine optimization, it will be very difficult for people to find your online presence.

    Just as important though, is your bounce rate. A "bounce" is when someone visits your site for just a moment and then leaves. This is no good. Yeah, you got the visit, but there was no takeaway for the viewer. Something about your site turned them off, and worst of all, they'll likely never return again because of it.

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  • We've all had it—a PR pitch that feels like a sure thing. A pitch that sounds so perfect, you're certain that elusive USA Today reporter you've been trying to connect with for months will gobble it up.

    The response pops up in your email and you drop what you're doing immediately to open it...only to discover she isn't interested. She's too busy. There was a natural disaster. A political figure is dominating the headlines. Whatever the case may be, even if it's just bad timing, the reporter isn't going to write the story this time.

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