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  • Social media can be compared to bait on a fishing lure, thrown out into a sea of millions of potential and existing customers and advocates. Engaging content reels people in to get them interacting with your brand and sharing their connection with it online–often highlighting your prized catches. But, you might have trouble hooking the audience.

    Incorporating a mix of industry, culture and consumer engagement content into your strategy allows your social channels to appeal to a wider audience. With the introduction of paid advertising options across social platforms, it’s smart to consider determining a budget for boosting what you're sharing.

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  • As a kid, I was a competitive figure skater with a stern Russian coach and a training regimen that made CrossFit look like hopscotch. I learned quite a few life lessons from that world of practicing, perfecting and performing at a high level—many of which apply to PR and business.

    Once, when I was about nine years old, my coach, Natasha, went out of town for a week. Before she left, she said to my dad (who knows about as much about skating as most of us know about deep-sea diving) that teaching skating was easy. She smiled, insisting he would have no trouble keeping me in line until she returned if he remembered three simple rules.

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