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  • Generic trade show image with blurred defocusing - concept of big business social gathering for international meeting exchange

    Setting your business apart from others at a trade show can be a daunting task. Everyone has the same objective—attract visitors, generate traction and, the end game, close a deal. One determining factor to help achieve this goal is producing an effective trade show display. Creating trade show displays should be a calculated process, and there are several items to take into consideration for your presentation:

    In all of these cases, you will need to consider the timeline and allow adequate time for design, as well as production. Having a well-executed display sends a positive message to potential consumers because, for some, a trade show may be the time to make your first impression. Like a first date, if it doesn’t go well, they will never want to see you again.

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  • Too often, golden media opportunities get lost in the scramble of trying to get a hotel ready for its grand opening. Our role as a communications counselor is to ensure the business side of the operation doesn’t overshadow the positive attention and exposure that can be generated by the right PR strategy.

    Hotel deals provide a boost to an area’s economy through added spending and an increase in jobs, and they often come along with additional perks such as new dining or entertainment options. This is news that local residents want to hear about and local media wants to cover. By pitching the right stories to the right outlets at the right time, we have secured positive, ongoing media features highlighting many of our client’s acquisitions before, during and after the announcement.

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