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  • bored_dog_remote

    I don’t want to sound too much like Andy Rooney here (now try to not read this in his voice). I watch limited TV, but when I do, I’ve noticed commercials have started to follow of similar pattern: multiple brands and multiple messages all using the exact same execution to make us, the consumer, buy the product. I know this is not new. Commercials follow trends and their long-term campaigns should be consistent, but this is different. For the most part, this is the same commercial from different brands, categories and messages. And they’re all executed the same way.

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  • copy_paste

    Social media, despite permeating popular culture for the better half of a decade, still stands as a Wild West of policies, concepts and ideas. More and more brands are establishing a presence on popular platforms while looking to tap this captive audience effectively. While marketing may be the immediate instinct due to an interest in sales and ROI, the reality is social media provides an exciting opportunity to sell through service, not pitches.

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