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  • For many clients, landing a spot on the front page of The New York Times or a segment on the “Today” show is the end-all be-all of public relations. But the truth is, the “ideal” placement—the one that will earn the customer the greatest amount of exposure, credibility and impact on business—varies dramatically depending on a number of factors.

    At Identity, we're experts at identifying and securing the right PR coverage at the right time for our clients. Here are some tips and insights from my experience:

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  • A well organized and regularly maintained contact database is the crux of successful and effective electronic and direct mail communications. Simply maintaining an Excel file of names, email addresses and phone numbers isn't enough. A truly useful contact list should be segmented by multiple components to ensure that contacts are receiving communications that are timely, relevant and meaningful—to them and/or their business.

    Pulling contact information from every email and business card you've ever received and proceeding to blast those inboxes with emails on a daily or weekly basis will get you!

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