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  • I started in the traditional public relations world where earned media was king and paid media was rarely part of my communications campaigns for clients.

    Fast forward a good six years, and I'm now a firm believer that when done strategically, combining paid, owned and earned media can create profound results for a company. You are actually doing a disservice to your company or client if you don't understand the difference between and benefits of these various forms of media. When crafting your marketing budget, paid online media should absolutely be a consideration.

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  • In our latest New in Two video, we tackle the topic of building a social media response plan. One of the major factors that often prevents companies from entering the social media space is the fear associated with negative feedback or comments. When helping brands big and small navigate this discussion, we often turn to a whiteboard and map out a rough sketch of a response plan. Simply putting our thoughts on the board can add a lot of clarity to the conversation and help executives see that a plan can be put in place.

    While social media is predominately about reacting to what is happening around you, creating a social media response plan can help ease concerns and put you on the right path.

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