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  • With the Olympics kicking off this Friday in London, the historic competition is in the midst of a major cultural change. Aside from watching the world’s most talented athletes compete for their country on TV, the Olympics will also be largely consumed via social media. Although interacting with live sporting events on Twitter and Facebook have become standard practice, this is a first for the Olympics on a global-scale.

    According to the Chicago Tribune, the London Olympics have been dubbed the first “social media games.” Viewers have graduated from being passive “armchair” sports fans and are now interacting with the athletes and cheering on their country from smartphones and tablets.

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  • While this isn't the typical communications related content we feature on ID Tags, we thought it was an important topic to discuss because we've learned that happy and healthy (both physically and mentally) employees produce the greatest results. 

    Having now spent the past week as the “official” office manager at Identity (I had been working my way into this role for quite some time now), I feel more than qualified to give my advice on how to keep your office happy and productive. Well, Nikki said I'm qualified and should share my advice, and she is the queen of the blog!

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