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  • Identity is hiring an assistant social media strategist, and I've received several cover letters and resumes in the past week or so. I'm disheartened to say that only a select few stood out because job seekers are still making the same mistakes. Some are common mistakes that could easily be avoided by having two or three people review materials before sending them over to a prospective employer. It's been awhile since I had to review resumes, so along with some of the common mistakes, I'm also seeing some new additions to resumes that do absolutely nothing to help the job seeker secure an interview.

    Taken directly from my current experience, here are seven cover letter/resume mistakes and how to avoid making them:

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  • At trick-or-treating time when costumes aren’t easily identified, you commonly hear the question, “What are you exactly?” At many points when I share with others for the first time that I do public relations for a living, I commonly hear “What are you exactly?” I am happy to say that although I decided to graduate in the crux of this uncertain economic climate, I picked a profession that dressed me for success.

    In honor of Halloween, I started thinking about the many masks of PR pros—masks that enable us to be anything we want to be. We can carve our craft however we would like. Depending on what exactly our job entails, we may even wear several masks on any given day. Here are a few examples:

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