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  • Is Your Brand Human?

    A recent article in Fast Company, entitled, "For Brands, Being Human Is the New Black," reminded me of a common refrain we hear from companies, especially those in the business-to-business sector: What is a brand, and do we really have one?

    B2B companies seem to take comfort in a common denial that their organizations are capable of achieving brand persona. In other words, a "brand" is something that the Apples and the Nikes of the world have, but Johnson & Thomas P.C. can't expect to have—nor should they care about—a brand experience.

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  • Let me start with this question: How many emails do you get on an average day? Remember, don't just count your work account; include your personal one in there, too. Is your head spinning? Your email is most likely victim to a barrage of e-blasts, all along the lines of this company's the best and that company has a new president, and don't forget about that other company's latest products!

    At first, I tried to keep up. Ryan Cabrera has a newsletter? Oreos will email me new flavors? Of course I'll sign up!

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