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  • After decades of trailblazing women have worked to break the glass ceiling, Anne Doyle says there are still too many female achievers for there to be so few female leaders. In her book, Powering Up!, Anne talks about unique generations of women ready to lead, practices that turn achievers into leaders and calls for a challenge.

    As a young female professional, the Inforum event hosted this month to launch Anne Doyle’s book was both informative and inspirational. As one of the first women nationally to become a sports broadcaster, Anne has spent decades working her way up in media and the auto industry. The lessons learned have fueled her work, her writing and her message: Today’s leadership environment should evolve, redesign career paths, coach executive talent to shorten the leadership learning curve, guide teams toward a new way of thinking and develop communications skills of leaders at all levels.

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  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the “10 Things PR People Should Never Do” or “What Not To Do If You’re Pitching Me a Story” or “I Don’t Need PR People Because…”

    So, I thought, out of (admitted) oversaturation, I would take another shot at this age-old, repackaged blog post and get straight to the point: What do PR people actually want?

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