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  • McDonald’s announced this week that it will be raising prices on its menu this year, even though it reported a $5 billion profit last year. Long marketed as the favorite brand of busy moms looking for quick, convenient, cost-effective dinners on-the-go, the company is blaming the increase on elevated cost of ingredients and crop shortages.

    The price increases reportedly will be only on selected menu items; certainly some of the most popular selections will get the hike. However, with so much of that burger brand tied to the chain’s price point and value proposition, the real question is how big a blow the company’s image will take with consumers.

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  • The Detroit Free Press recently introduced a newly redesigned website boasting several changes to enhance user experience. Over the past several years, legacy newspapers have had to shift their focus. This transition is a clear representation of that shift with some positive new features to promote reader-to-reader and reader-to-newspaper interaction.

    Commenting protocol has changed to allow better policing of inappropriate comments. The Free Press has implemented a rating system to vote “good” comments to the top and let the “bad” ones fall to the bottom, making the exchange more relevant and less likely to tie every story back to President Obama in some fashion. Additionally, a crew of devoted staff members will monitor and respond to flagged posts to ensure the conversation between readers doesn’t get out of hand.

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