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  • My Problem with LinkedIn

    For a while now, LinkedIn has been praised and panned across the social media spectrum. Some call it THE social network for business, while the social media elite (there is such a thing?) slam it for imitating Facebook and Twitter each time it rolls out new functionality. Some have even compared it to the public library: sure, people have been there, but they don't go often...and nobody talks when they do go.

    Heresy alert: I think LinkedIn is broken. [GASP!] ...But I also don't think it's the social network's fault.

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  • I was reading my preferred industry e-newsletter this afternoon and one article in particular caught my attention. Entitled "Four WOM (Word of Mouth) Stats Every Marketer Must Know", the piece reveals four key pieces of information about what consumers are really discussing and where they are (and aren't) having the conversations.

    Overall, this was a very intriguing, telling piece about the minds of modern American consumers. Build your brand, support it with quality products and services, get some interesting marketing materials flowing...and they will spread the (positive) word!

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