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  • Most company leaders do not lie awake at night worried about the next publicity crisis that will come their way. Especially for smaller organizations, communications crises are things that happen to other people's companies. And they spend their nights lying awake worrying about revenue, new products or services, competitors, talent challenges, etc. But the smart ones have enough foresight to have a contingency plan in place should a crisis emerge.

    Not too long ago, it was enough to have a media relations policy and road map in place, for if a crisis were to be truly damaging to a company or its reputation, it would likely need to escalate to the level of "media-worthy" for enough eyeballs to see it or ears to hear about it.

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  • This post originally appears on The Urbane Way blog.

    Multitasking is an art. It requires a specific set of skills to focus on numerous tasks at one time and to complete those tasks successfully. Perfect example: The mom who can cook dinner, set the table, fold laundry, entertain a child and talk on the phone all in a short time span without making a single mistake.

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