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  • Actually the better question might be what are my parents saying?  I'm sitting at home checking my emails and happen to be watching CNN.  All of the talk is about the earthquake that hit Chile and the resulting tsunami warnings now posted for Hawaii and other affected locations.  So I get online, google Chile and instantly have my choice of dozens of sites to visit for more news and information. I ended up at a site that allowed me to get the most recent updates, choose from three different streaming broadcasts and chat in real time with people who were on-site.  Then I thought back to the way my grandparents followed the news when they were my age, primarily through the daily newspaper.  They wouldn't have even known about the quake and tsunami until tomorrow morning when the paper arrived.  My mom and dad would have heard about it first on the 6:00 news tonight, and probably still will.  I am watching it happen as it happens.  The real question is, how will my kids be following the news in 15 or 20 years from now?

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  • Vintage Computer Ads

    Check out these vintage computer ads from the 1980s. Notice how, not only has the technology dramatically change over the course of only a couple-three decades, but look how much the way we market these products has changed. From 1982 to 2002 (the last ad) you can see far we moved away from lengthy manuscripts about product performance and, in Apple's case, just moved on to selling "cool."

    I'm a big believer in the less-is-more approach to creative copy writing. So, while I'm also a sucker for vintage ads, I think we can learn a lot from Apple's approach to selling the experience, regardless of product, service or industry. There's always a way to say it in fewer words—Twitter has taught us that, if nothing else—and show always works better than tell, in my opinion.

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