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  • What is Thru You?

    This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. A website, known as "Thru You," mashes up YouTube videos from across the universe and sets them to music. An example is here:

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  • Good News Rocks

    Sharing good news should never be underestimated. Whether a company that supports a local kids hockey team or a person that organizes a charity event -- good news can be everywhere. Often, good news is happening all around us without us even recognizing it.  Today, I had the pleasure of hearing a story about a local company that has been supporting a firefighter's missions to Haiti during the past 7 years. The firefighter is headed back to Haiti next week to help with the relief efforts. His passion for this mission is deep. And, the company's employees consistently step up to the plate give back -- its part of their corporate culture.

     Sometimes finding the good news does not lie at the surface. It is important for communications professionals to ask, to understand and to uncover the hidden stories within a company to best communicate to external or internal audiences--especially today.  For some, a company can be the key player in its industry, but what may resonate most with its employees, clients and their community is the impactful work they are doing outside the office.

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