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  • If only.

    All of this talk about the troubles and travails the print media are experiencing...We would be remiss not to notice what's happening to local radio.

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  • The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press today begin operation as two wholly new entities. As you likely know, the jointly operating newspapers have ceased home delivery but for Thursday, Friday and Sunday, with the remaining days offering print editions at newsstands only. Those days will see greatly streamlined versions of both newspapers (two sections total for the News, one section for the Freep), with shorter stories, fewer jumps and more condensed news. Both newspapers will focus instead on their online delivery platforms.

    Each publicly unveiled digital versions of their newspapers as well. These editions look just like the print editions we are accustomed to, and will mirror the print versions of the paper that actually go to press, but the reader can navigate them online. Click on the section you want, click on the story you want to read, turn the pages, etc.

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