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  • A Real Shame

    As most of us who live in the Detroit area know, the Detroit City Council voted earlier this week to disapprove the transfer of the Cobo Center to a regional authority, putting a halt to a proposed $288 million expansion and renovation deal approved by the state Legislature late last year. This is a deal that had been in discussion for a number of years and one that, when announced, was met with great excitement.  It was pretty much a given that this deal was critical if Detroit wanted to hang on to one of its last headline events, the annual North American International Auto Show.  Apparently, the only ones who didn't feel the same way were the five council members who voted to oppose the deal. Detroit News columnist Daniel Howes captures the general sentiment in his column.

    What this all means I'm not sure.  Like most, I am still in disbelief. I can only hope that the voices of the over 4 million people who live in the metropolitan Detroit area and want desperately to see it thrive are loud enough to overcome the voices of the five people who don't.

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  • Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital recently opened its doors to the media in advance of the hospital's official opening in March.  A truly amazing facility, this hospital boasts a nationally renowned chef, hospital rooms worthy of a five-star hotel and a main street with shops that appear to have been transported from a quaint downtown.  The media was impressed, but the star of the day was -- a dog.

    The hospital is the first in Michigan to own its own therapy dog, aptly named Henry.  No one can deny this pooch's charm, but much of the appeal is that Henry is, well, more photogenic than the doctors.  Dr. Kappy, the chief pediatrician at the hospital, was heard lamenting that he needed to keep Henry by his side if anyone was to be interested in the amazing technology and child-centered details that went into the wing's development.

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