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  • More and more, it seems, professional sports teams are making an effort to brand themselves. We've seen a lot of this in Detroit, especially, and I suspect it's true nationwide. The Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons have been particularly successful in that regard, while other teams...not so much.

    The latest effort is that of our beloved Detroit Lions. The team's new marketing tagline is "Believe in Now."

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  • I received some inspiration today from a recent post on the Wordles of popular pr blogs and how they compare/contrast.

    While Marc did an awesome job highlighting the similarities and differences between the blogs of PR, marketing and social media's thought leaders, it got me thinking... How do the blogs of metro Detroit firms compare/contrast with each other? What is the conversation like and what are people talking about? While we may share similar practice areas, are we covering the same topics? Or are our posts unique and reflective of our individual firms?

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