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  • Yesterday, a friend e-mailed me a link to a website and said I had to watch it.  Someone had sent it to him. I watched it and immediately sent it to five of my friends, telling them the same thing.  My guess is that they told two friends and they told two friends...etc.  You know how that story goes.  I know you're dying to see it, so here you go: Watch the whole thing and when it's done you'll see how, in a few short clicks, you can be the candidate this story profiles.

    Before you send a note to your friends telling them to watch it, think for a second about how this whole thing demonstrates that the methods of communication and marketing have come a long way in a very short period of time.  I can only wonder what the story will be when the 2012 presidential election rolls around.

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  • It was 3:00 in the afternoon last Wednesday when my 8 year-old daughter called me at the office and asked me if I was close to my computer.  There was no hello. There was no how is your day going?  Not even a "what time will you be home?"  Just a "you have to see this!"

    She sent me to YouTube to watch a video.  We watched it at the same time and laughed.  Watched it again together and laughed...and again.  When I got home, we watched it six more times before bed.  And before that, she had called all of her friends and had them looking at it too. Talk about power!  Talk about reach!

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