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  • Last week, we held funeral services for the matriarch of my husband’s family.  Friends traveled long distances to simply deliver a hug and the room overflowed with flowers that brought well wishes from far away places.

    These long-held traditions —  these purely human experiences — are as important today as they were centuries ago… maybe more so.  In an era of texting, email conversations and web posts, the value of personal outreach is even greater.  We write quite a bit about the astounding technological advances in communications, but alone they are poor substitutes for a handwritten note, a phone call or face-to-face interaction.  The reality is that the goal of most communications plans is to ready the path for person-to-person conversations.

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  • Customer service 2.0

    We've all been there. Waiting on hold for the customer service representative that may or may not care about an erroneous phone bill, internet connection failure or broken gadget. Inevitably, after listening to repetitive music and spending a half hour on hold (I'm being conservative, I know), we're a little grumpier and more disgruntled than we started off. Maybe there's hope now in a new approach that Comcast is taking to customer service.

    Comcast, notorious for its poor customer approval ratings, has decided to take a surprisingly modern and proactive approach these days. Utilizing the slew of online blog monitors, the company's "digital care manager" actively seeks out disgruntled customers. Sites such as Twitter, blogs and social networks are all continuously monitored for Comcast's name to pop up. When it does, Comcast's digital care manager replies to the posters and offers to help.

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