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  • From a purely marketing perspective, I was a big fan of the Straight Talk Express.  Just loved the name.  It was immediately identifiable, not too serious and managed to embody the John McCain package.  To his credit — and sometimes detriment — McCain was very open with reporters and was well known for the casual, relaxed relationship he fostered.  That is, until McCain felt that Barack Obama stole his thunder.  McCain appears now to continually battle to retain his composure and not lose his temper with the media -- case in point, his latest interview.

    In an upcoming TIME Magazine interview, McCain does exactly what most PR books will tell you to do — but seasoned PR people will tell you to avoid.  He sticks entirely to his talking points.  Even when they don't make sense with the question.  And when he doesn't have a talking point remotely applicable to the question?  He just sits there silently, glowering.

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  • Major League PR Play

    Like most things, Major League Baseball's decision to install instant replay now (in the middle of the season) got me thinking about PR. For one, erroneous homerun and fair/foul calls this year were creating a PR problem for MLB. So they addressed it. Quickly.

    But, secondly, I think PR practitioners and their clients can learn something about responding to consumer demand and righting a ship that has veered off course.

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