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  • re: e-mail pr

    I guess the moral of the story is, pitch the right story to the right person at the right time. Mass e-mails should be reserved for your friends who abhor chain mail and constantly tell you to cut it out. Even press releases have a limited time and place....announcing transactions or significant personnel makes sense, but using a press release to blanket the media world in hopes of generating some kind of media coverage is, indeed, lazy. The research you do on the front end (to find the right media contact and get to know his or her tendencies and preferences) will reap rewards that pay dividends for months and years to come. It's all about building those relationships.

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  • By now this blog post by Chris Anderson, the Editor in Chief of Wired has pretty well made its rounds around the Internet. If you haven’t seen it here is a taste…

    I've had it. I get more than 300 emails a day and my problem isn't spam, it's PR people. Lazy flacks send press releases to the Editor in Chief of Wired because they can't be bothered to find out who on my staff, if anyone, might actually be interested in what they're pitching. Fact: I am an actual person, not a team assigned to read press releases and distribute them to the right editors and writers.

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