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  • Infotainment

    This word has crossed my path all week. Whether it’s been during a casual phone conversation, reading a magazine, or repeatedly when I "click" the info button on my television controller, the word "infotainment" is haunting me.This odd presence of Infotainment caused me to think about how this synonym for "soft journalism" is currently changing the way news is delivered and consumed.

    Has entertainment value overshadowed news judgment? Does infotainment "taint" hard news or is it doing the "boring stuff" a favor? Is the marriage of news with entertainment beneficial because it keeps intended audiences occupied?If the 10 o'clock news is teased by a story about "How to be a Star" airing during American Idol, are viewers more likely to stay tuned in? Often--particularly on slow news days--the 5 o'clock news is teased by "women friendly" topics on the heels of Oprah. Does adding a warm-hearted human interest or feature-based story to the front page of the newspaper give readers a break from all the "bad stuff"?

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  • The Golden Rule

    We in Detroit have heard a ton this week on rules to live by that we learn as a child. Too often some of us forget these rules.

    The Golden Rule = Treat Others How You Want Be Treated.

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