To gain an understanding of the opportunities and obstacles a brand might face in the social media space, Identity begins by taking you through our Social Media Discovery Process. 

Social Media Discovery Process
During our Discovery Process, we learn the inner workings of your business to help determine where social media can make the biggest impact. We also audit current online brand activities, benchmark competitive efforts and review the successes and failures of companies with similar objectives.

We use the information collected during our Discovery Process to create a comprehensive social media program that will guide your company to success. From here, we help to determine your unique social tone and voice. No two companies have the exact same people, mission, values and culture. We take these important variables into account before finalizing our strategy and determining how content will be presented online.

Strategy Development and Execution
Our findings, suggested tactics, internal and external rollout plan and suggested performance metrics are then presented to key stakeholders. We ensure the entire organization understands and believes in the direction of the program before building it.

Upon completion of the Social Media Discovery Process, we move into the execution phase. Once we launch the program, Identity manages and drives it to guarantee your online presence remains fresh, active and an extension of your overall brand.