Case Studies

Creating Employee Brand Advocates at Ross Mortgage

Challenge: After launching its At Any Rate blog and social media program, Ross Mortgage Corporation was seeking new ways to effectively leverage its content marketing efforts to reach referral sources, potential partners and prospects.

Solution: Identity created a formalized content sharing process that enabled employees to serve as online brand advocates. Part of this process involved the distribution of company-wide maximization copy that accompanied weekly blog post updates in an easily sharable format. This addition made the sharing process seamless and easy. Customized campaign links were used to track employees’ influence on blog traffic.

Outcome: Ross Mortgage employees embraced the idea, adding extra horsepower to the social media program. Within six months, Identity’s employee advocacy program generated the following results:

  • Increased blog traffic by 74%, compared to the first half of 2013
  • Contributed to a 63% increase in unique visitors
  • Doubled the number of total pageviews
  • Ross Mortgage employees now drive nearly 25% of total traffic to the blog