A Whole That Is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Our approach to integrated PR focuses on designing and deploying coordinated and cohesive communications programs on our clients’ behalf.

In today’s modern media environment, effective communications programs encompass multiple touch points. We believe that an integrated approach to PR provides our clients with the best possible combination of expertise, while leveraging all available resources.

Our integrated model enables us to tell your story and deliver your messages the right way, at the right time, and connect with your target audiences in every medium in a way that inspires them to take notice—and take action.


We consider media relations, marketing, social media, creative and editorial efforts all under the PR umbrella, and our firm is comprised of complementary teams of highly experienced specialists in each of those disciplines. Because all of our specialty disciplines are in-house, they function as a dynamic part of a coordinated whole, all working toward the same vision. As a result, whether a client engages with one of our specialty areas or our entire scope of integrated public relations services, every engagement with Identity provides access to all of our expertise, creativity and professional resources.

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