Identity’s media relations and marketing specialists leverage our proven process of discovery, strategy, planning, execution and measurement to create and drive a customized, strategic communications program designed to elicit brand visibility and positively impact your business goals.

During discovery, our media relations and marketing specialists learn all facets of your company’s history, unique specialties, differentiating factors and visionary plans for the future. From there, we design a strategic plan for your campaign, leveraging planning documents to outline your company’s goals and a clear quarterly plan to achieve them.

Thoughtful execution ensures impactful results are delivered at the right place and at the right time. At Identity, we are skilled storytellers and copywriters who live by our value driven philosophy focused solely on delivering results. Our media relations and marketing specialists will execute your program and tell the meaningful stories to get your company noticed by local, regional, national and trade media outlets.

Targeted follow up is the single most important step in maximizing media coverage: identifying who would benefit from seeing the credible media coverage and finding the best delivery vehicle to get it in front of them. As part of a campaign’s measurement, we provide a necessary suite of communications tools and create an airtight process to maximize the value of media coverage, ultimately integrating it into your sales process and external and internal marketing programs.