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Great media relations has the power to gain perspective. Click below to see how.

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Leveraging Timely Trends to Drive Meaningful Media Coverage

Livonia, Mich.-based The Recovery Project, a leading physical and occupational therapy facility, launched a new set of aging and wellness programs in 2014 to meet growing demand from aging clients. To help promote the new programs, as well as raise regional awareness about The Recovery Project’s expertise in the senior fitness field, Identity secured a guest article in Healthy and Fit Magazine, a mid-Michigan publication featuring health and fitness best practices for all ages, about a prominent national trend: exercise advice for senior citizens. The resulting piece showcased insight from The Recovery Project co-CEO and lead physical therapist Polly Swingle, PT, GCS, CEEAA, including research findings on the benefits of exercise for seniors, as well as tips for creating and maintaining a beneficial fitness program.