Case Studies

Fox Barn Winery Brand Refresh


Challenge: The Fox Barn Winery was born from a passion for wine, steeped in generations of family farming. The small winery first opened for business in 2008 and, after some success, was ready for a brand refresh to give the company a more modern and polished feel—while maintaining their traditional, family heritage-based identity. One obstacle Identity faced was that the current logo, based on a family painting of a fox, was much beloved by the owners and family, and it needed to stay in some fashion.

Solution: Knowing that we needed to work with the fox painting, we elected to make minor adjustments to the painting itself and instead focus on the typography, color palette and supporting elements. The result was a logo featuring the painted fox incorporated into a much stronger type treatment and a color palette based on those found in their most popular wines. The existing “barn” style graphics were then elevated to a much more sophisticated place, helping to further elevate the visual presentation of the brand.

Outcome: Despite the clients’ hesitancy to update their logo, the design presented impressed and won them over. With the supporting brand elements, they are even more proud of their family business and able to present themselves in the sophisticated manner they’ve always wanted.