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  • As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017, Identity has spent the last several weeks evaluating the performance of our shopping center social media programs. After reviewing our successes, we often bring a list of recommendations for our client contacts to help them achieve their unique goals. Our recommendations aren't always as simple as “join Snapchat” or “post more to Instagram.” Sometimes, a larger investment in a particular area can lead to immediate successes, long-term value or increase clarity regarding the needs and wants of target audiences. If we see an opportunity, we want to go after it. That being said, we started to recognize several trends regarding the use and integration of technology within social media programs for shopping centers. While there isn't always extra dollars to throw around, the right strategic investments can lead to improved efficiencies, stronger measurement, better shopper engagement and other key program improvements.

    If you’re looking to turn up the volume on your shopping center’s social media efforts in 2017, here are some of our investment recommendations:

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  • Research firm Alexander Babbage, with the help of International Council of Shopping Centers, recently released a State of the Industry report outlining the current use of social media by shopping centers. You can view the report here. After reading through the report several times and visiting the social media channels of several of the shopping centers mentioned, I captured some important takeaways from the data and examples shared. So, let's dive in and learn more about shopping center social media best practices and trends.

    Content creation requires daily attention
    Content is the fuel that keeps the social media engine running. Without it, shoppers cannot discover content nor are they incentivized to follow or subscribe to a center’s ongoing communications.

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