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    It’s been said that social media serves as a window into a company’s culture. It allows the curtain to be pulled back slightly so the audiences who might want to work with you or work for you can see a little more about what’s happening behind the scenes. From a talent perspective, this means job seekers can access more intelligence on companies than ever before. With a few Google searches, a job candidate can quickly form an opinion of a company’s culture just by reading reviews or checking out social media posts.

    While conversations about social media and how it impacts overall reputation management and recruiting are very common, Glassdoor has quickly become a popular discussion item. The Glassdoor conversation typically gets started because someone read a former employee’s critical review.

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  • The idea of using social media to engage with potential customers is nothing new. Yet despite the number of statistics supporting social media’s influence on business growth and brand loyalty, there’s a prevailing misconception that social media is only for B2C brands.

    The truth is, digital communications platforms can have an equally positive impact on B2B business goals. While B2B companies have been slower to grasp the power of social media in connection to their product and service offerings, 2014 was a pivotal year, as social media adoption grew within the B2B sector.

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