Brand Clarity Process

The ID Brand Clarity Process.
A deep dive into understanding a company’s brand, internal culture and target audiences is where we start. By extracting all of the pieces and parts, the moving elements and the overall structure of an organization, we can get a clear view of how things interact.

Next, through reviewing the competition in your market from a brand position standpoint, we see where your message fits into its relative market. Too often, brands act like “me too” companies much more than they think. The ID Brand Clarity Process develops a Unique Brand Voice and direction to stand apart from the crowd.

This exploration provides a clear view for engaging with your clients and target audiences. It aligns the tactical elements and allows marketing dollars to be spent much more effectively and efficiently.

We find that this is often the only time Senior Management sits together to address the marketing direction of the company. We facilitate the conversations, working to gain a clear consensus and direction to keep the leaders of the organization reading off the same page. This clear direction is often the first step in training the entire organization to speak with a single voice.