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Generating Website Traffic…and Loyalty

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Without dynamic content, and a strategy to drive attention to it, your website is just a brochure sitting in a filing cabinet somewhere. I hate to break it to you, but no one cares about your website. It is NOT the center of the universe, despite what you hoped when you built it. That’s not… Read more »

An Overview of & What it Means to PR Pros

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rue to the ever-evolving world of social media, there’s a new online tool that’s been popping up frequently in my Twitter stream. It’s called, and it organizes links shared on Twitter into a newspaper-style format.

The Four Things American Consumers Are Discussing

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I was reading my preferred industry e-newsletter this afternoon and one article in particular caught my attention. Entitled “Four WOM (Word of Mouth) Stats Every Marketer Must Know”, the piece reveals four key pieces of information about what consumers are really discussing and where they are (and aren’t) having the conversations. The first statistic tells… Read more »

Four Ways Social Media is Changing Traditional Media

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Like many forward-thinking companies out there, traditional media organizations have found that integrating social media into their operations has its benefits. In just a few years, new media has allowed journalists and outlets to touch their respective audiences on a more frequent basis, extend the reach of their content and build new relationships.

Twitter: A Goldmine for Journalists

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Stephen Clark, WXYZ Channel 7 news anchor, country singer/songwriter and champion for the use of social media in the journalism world, shares his thoughts about Twitter in this guest post. Be sure to follow Stephen on Twitter and check out his blog.