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Brand Consistency on Social Media: Your Company’s Next Step

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In the rush to not be left behind by the new digital wave, companies flocked to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks to set up their accounts and “be there” for customers. While this was a great demonstration of the power of social media, and widespread adoption helps in developing stronger relationships, it did lead to several problems.

Amidst issues with unclear ownership of these new accounts and a lack of process for handling customer service matters, one additional concern still infers today: a lack of brand consistency on social media.

How to Boost Lead Generation With Social Media & Email Marketing

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In the lightning fast world of the Internet, communication platforms and digital marketing trends come and go. Remember using AOL Instant Messenger or MySpace? Seems like forever ago, doesn’t it? However, unlike other “prehistoric” platforms, there’s one digital communication tool that hasn’t gone extinct—email! Even in a world where social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have stolen the spotlight, email remains a force to be reckoned with when it comes to direct marketing and lead generation.

Video of the Week: At Twitter, the Future is You!

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Oh how we love Video of the Week posts on the Identity blog. It gives us an excuse to sift through all the nonsensical and wacky videos on the Internet to find one worthy of donning the treasured Video of the Week title. Although some of us, [cough] Brandon Chesnutt [cough], spend way too many weekly hours outside of Video of the Week searches watching ridiculous YouTube videos.

Made A Social Media Mistake? Don’t Be Ashton Kutcher.

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We often advise clients that they need to be authentic when communicating via social media. People need to know they are hearing from a person within the business and not the brand. People relate to humans – not corporate identities. Especially when mistakes occur. And that’s the key to today’s communication lesson: We are all… Read more »

Why Relying Only on Social Media Won't Always Work

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Companies have been experimenting with social media for some time now to figure out how this new way of communicating and sharing can best work to their advantage. Social media has opened up several doors for companies of all sizes, from large corporations all the way to mom and pop restaurants.

This is great. Experimenting with technology to find new ways to connect with the people who care about your company leads to exciting opportunities and results.

How to Avoid a Crisis Cop-Out

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Since New York Rep. Anthony Weiner sent scandal to the Twittersphere last weekend, social and traditional media alike are struck with another famous frenzy. As PR pros, our first thoughts and fascinations with the story likely center around our common crisis thought: “Imagine handling his PR now…”

After one photo in one tweet revealed a virtual e-ffair across social media platforms, Weiner denied his direct message vs. public tweet mistake and claimed his online social networking accounts had been hacked. After story skeptics exposed more, he had no other choice but to come clean and attempt to choose his next move.