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The Importance of Educating Employees on Speaking With Media

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An incident happened this weekend in Detroit at the Belle Isle Aquarium that serves as a great PR reminder: Every single person who touches your organization, from the CEO all the way down to volunteers, needs to understand who is permitted to serve as a company spokesperson for media. Here’s the story… I first learned… Read more »

Should Brands Bank on Big Events Like September 11th?

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September 11th: Messages this year surrounding the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks flooded communications online, in print and on air, as to be expected. But with my observation of topics trending this weekend, I saw something more prevalent than ever before — an increasingly heated debate over the use of major events, such as the Twin Towers tragedy, to promote brands.

As public relations professionals, we are responsible for managing what our clients are saying about their brands and who is hearing what they say. Strategies for building buzz span across the PR pro spectrum, but how far can companies push the piggybacking off of a current event or hot topic?

Seven Tips for Unemployed Recent PR Grads

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Around this time last year, I less than diligently studying for final exams, taking naps on the campus quad in the sun and trying to find a job. For those of you graduating without a concrete notion of what’s to come, here are a few items to consider from someone who was unemployed for nearly two months before a great opportunity came calling.

Eminem Interview Proves Why It Never Hurts To Ask

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People in the PR business are usually trying to pitch their clients’ stories to the media. That’s what makes this story about Annie Read an interesting one. She was a reporter pitching herself to a PR person.

Annie is actually an 8th grader from metropolitan Detroit who decided to write a story about her musical idol, Eminem, for her school newspaper