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High Performance Tips: Media Relations Lessons From a USSR Sports Machine

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As a kid, I was a competitive figure skater with a stern Russian coach and a training regimen that made CrossFit look like hopscotch. I learned quite a few life lessons from that world of practicing, perfecting and performing at a high level—many of which apply to PR and business. Once, when I was about… Read more »

Five Tips for PR Newbies

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Good public relations starts with a strong foundation and a keen understanding of how to properly execute the components of a strategic communications plan. If you’re new to the PR industry, here are five tips you can implement to help you advance your knowledge, further your experience and achieve success for your clients. Proofread proofraed… Read more »

Increasing the Value of Your Marketing and PR Efforts

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A significant amount of planning and strategy goes into successful marketing and public relations campaigns. From there, valuable time, effort and investment go into the tactics to accomplish a strategy. As a result, it’s critical to make sure all content created as part of the strategy is maximized and leveraged to its fullest potential. Getting your… Read more »

Relationships & Social Media: Connecting With Media & Bloggers

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Tools and platforms may come and go, but relationships will always be the backbone of public relations. Actually, when you think about it, relationships are the key to success in any industry. But for the sake of this post, let’s focus on PR, and specifically, on connecting with media and bloggers who can help share… Read more »

Five-and-a-Half Lessons in Creativity From the World’s Best Restaurant

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“At the moment, taste doesn’t matter to us, that comes later. At the moment, what matters is whether something is magical, whether it opens up a new path.” -Ferran Adrià You wouldn’t think that one of the most innovative chefs in the world would ignore taste at any point in his culinary process. You wouldn’t think that… Read more »

The Importance of Educating Employees on Speaking With Media

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An incident happened this weekend in Detroit at the Belle Isle Aquarium that serves as a great PR reminder: Every single person who touches your organization, from the CEO all the way down to volunteers, needs to understand who is permitted to serve as a company spokesperson for media. Here’s the story… I first learned… Read more »