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How to Leverage University Professors as Expert Media Sources

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By its nature, a university is a hub of knowledge: High-level thinkers and academics make up the largest portion of employees. Professors bring a foundation of knowledge and practical expertise in a myriad of topics, from business ethics and bee-keeping to 17th century French fashion and astrophysics.

And they are not just dusty academics – they are artists, scientists, historians, inventors, musicians and writers – in short, experts in nearly everything under the sun. In my experience as a media coordinator for a university, leveraging university professors as expert media sources is critical to building awareness and distinguishing your academic programs.

PR Advice: Being Effective & Responsive to Media Requests

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Working with media is a large part of what PR professionals do on a daily basis. While that can mean creating and distributing press releases, pitching and following up with reporters and editors, it’s not uncommon that, due to our key relationships, reporters come to us needing expert sources to comment on breaking news, stories or trends.

Tips to Identify & Secure the Right PR Coverage at the Right Time

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For many clients, landing a spot on the front page of The New York Times or a segment on the “Today” show is the end-all be-all of public relations. But the truth is, the “ideal” placement—the one that will earn the customer the greatest amount of exposure, credibility and impact on business—varies dramatically depending on… Read more »

5 Tips For Successful Media Follow Up Calls

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In the public relations world, follow-up phone calls are a necessary evil. We understand media are inundated with press releases and emails from PR pros on a daily basis, which creates a necessity to follow up to ensure they received the information we sent. Trust me, we don’t want to sit down and make phone… Read more »

11 Important Takeaways From the #HAPPO Twitter Chat

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Here are 11 common pieces of PR job advice that were frequently repeated during the first HAPPO Twitter chat.