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Embrace Your Inner Nerd to Gain Professional Ground

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Once upon a time, it started with a man with a dream. Rick Snyder would take on Michigan…his self-proclaimed nerd-ism leading his gubernatorial charge. But how did he do it? Snyder raised his nasally voice and declared that Michigan’s economic trail of devastation would be reversed. With business credentials to back his claim, Snyder’s “nerd it up!” attitude soon became an army of empathic nerd supporters who “saw themselves” in this guy.

Redefining "newsworthy"

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As Tom has explored in previous posts, news holes continue to shrink as print media advances on its’ slow march towards death. As PR and marketing professionals, we need to redefine what makes a story “newsworthy.” A great hook that may have drawn media attention from all directions six months ago is lucky to get… Read more »

Dissing The D

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The Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau needs to hire a PR firm to promote Hollywood’s investment in Michigan, and where do they turn? Out of state, naturally. Film Detroit, a division of the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau, has hired a Los Angeles-based public relations firm to promote the metro Detroit’s burgeoning movie… Read more »

will beg for business

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Driving down Telegraph yesterday I saw a huge banner advertising for a local golf course that simply read, “Dearborn Hills, golf here please.” Pardon? I know things are bad and spending is down but have marketing campaigns gone the way of simply asking, or even begging, for business? No good deals, no exciting features, key… Read more »

PR nightmare

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Contrary to the recent smooth moves of Paris Hilton’s PR people, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has positioned himself in such a public relations conundrum that even the most savvy publicists don’t stand a chance to clean up the mess he has made. Due to his recent stint in jail (reminder: never leave the country without calling… Read more »