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Five Tips for PR Newbies

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Good public relations starts with a strong foundation and a keen understanding of how to properly execute the components of a strategic communications plan. If you’re new to the PR industry, here are five tips you can implement to help you advance your knowledge, further your experience and achieve success for your clients. Proofread proofraed… Read more »

The Importance of Educating Employees on Speaking With Media

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An incident happened this weekend in Detroit at the Belle Isle Aquarium that serves as a great PR reminder: Every single person who touches your organization, from the CEO all the way down to volunteers, needs to understand who is permitted to serve as a company spokesperson for media. Here’s the story… I first learned… Read more »

Four Simple Best Practices For Working With Media

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On a daily basis, PR professionals decide which story ideas to share with media, when to pull the trigger and which publication/reporter would make the most sense for the angle. Appropriately acting on these issues is the difference between your story or client hitting in the media or becoming the PR pro who always annoys media.

Here are some simple things to consider to avoid the latter:

The One Thing All PR Pros Want From Media

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Ok…so maybe there is more than one thing PR pros want from media. We want them to cover every piece of news or story idea we send their way. We want them to care about talking to us as much as we care about talking to them. We them to cover our clients in the most positive light and to never misquote or publish something inaccurate. We want them to do their homework on the company/client before interviewing them (especially when we provide them with all the details). The list goes on.

Talking Points Alone Don't Guarantee a Successful Interview

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I move slow first thing in the morning, so I sacrifice about 20 minutes of sleep to watch the morning news while I have breakfast and drink coffee.

Recently, I’ve watched a few interviews on Good Morning America and The TODAY Show with Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn from the Tea Party Caucus. I was impressed by her ability to remember so many statistics, rattle off numbers without stumbling and remain confident and poised even as the interview threw tough questions her way.

Four Things All Good PR People Want

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the “10 Things PR People Should Never Do” or “What Not To Do If You’re Pitching Me a Story” or “I Don’t Need PR People Because…”

So, I thought, out of (admitted) oversaturation, I would take another shot at this age-old, repackaged blog post and get straight to the point: What do PR people actually want?