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How to Leverage University Professors as Expert Media Sources

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By its nature, a university is a hub of knowledge: High-level thinkers and academics make up the largest portion of employees. Professors bring a foundation of knowledge and practical expertise in a myriad of topics, from business ethics and bee-keeping to 17th century French fashion and astrophysics.

And they are not just dusty academics – they are artists, scientists, historians, inventors, musicians and writers – in short, experts in nearly everything under the sun. In my experience as a media coordinator for a university, leveraging university professors as expert media sources is critical to building awareness and distinguishing your academic programs.

Brand Social Media Policies As Learned From Athlete Errors

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As Twitter and Facebook become engrained into the lives of more people every day, companies are being pressed to draw lines in the sand. Establishing brand social media policies is not just a suggestion, but a necessity, in a day and age where one person’s poor judgment can transform public perception of his or her employer.

While every industry has examples of employees behaving badly, perhaps no set of workers have their digital comments under higher scrutiny than professional athletes. As teams continue to try to find a balance between allowing their prized employees to feel comfortable and still have defined brand social media policies that protect their interests, so, too, do companies looking to tiptoe the fine line between expectations and rules.

Strategic Public Relations For Commercial Real Estate Firms

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A strategic marketing and public relations plan can make a significant impact on your commercial real estate firm. By engaging in a strategy focused on brand awareness and reputation, any real estate organization and its leadership team can become a trusted and relevant media source. A well-defined and successfully executed strategy can also bring additional business opportunities, including new leads.

How to Build Effective Trade Show Displays and Creative Marketing Collateral

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Setting your business apart from others at a trade show can be a daunting task. Everyone has the same objective—attract visitors, generate traction and, the end game, close a deal. One determining factor to help achieve this goal is producing an effective trade show display. Creating trade show displays should be a calculated process, and… Read more »

Electronic Arts’ Customer Service Problem Starts with NCAA Football 14

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July 9 is a holiday for some football fans as it marks the release date of the incredibly popular NCAA Football 2014 title. The company’s website for the game solicits potential buyers to “experience the unpredictability and emotion of college football like never before.” The game boasts “all-new graphics, announcer logic, and tons of gear… Read more »

Effective Social Media Customer Service Starts and Ends with Transparency

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A few years ago, pitching national brands on why they should go online to assist customers was a tough sell. In the present, social media customer service has become a mainstay for nearly every major company. This is, of course, a victory for all those who have worked in social media for the past 5+… Read more »